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The Perfect Escape

This review is long overdue as I have now become a regular guest at Frog Meadow.

I will never forget the first time I arrived at the property and was instantly awestruck by the setting and view, I think I was even speechless, if only momentarily! Once you arrive you have at your disposal 63 acres of some of the most beautiful terrain Vermont can provide. It also has a sense of history as the property has been a farm for hundreds of years, including original stone work and landscaping near the house that is beautiful.

What I find most appealing is that this is not only a stylish bed and breakfast but this is Dave and Scott’s home that they are welcoming you into. I prefer that any day to something more formal or cookie cutter. As recent as the last year they have also brought on board a professional chef to help out so what was really great food for breakfast (plus lunch and dinner during thier Mens’s Workshops) before is now even better!

I have also had the opportunity to attend one of their workshops. I came away with a sense of community and having a new group of friends as a result. This brings up a something that I think makes Frog Meadow unique, the culture you become a part of as a guest. Every visit I come away with having met interesting, if not fascinating men that engage me and sometimes challenge how I think and look at the world.

I will be heading back to Frog Meadow in the early Spring and as always, know it will be something special!

Bruce P., Truro, MA
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