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Guest Reviews

So good to be back at our favorite Inn!

We've been coming here for a decade and we're so happy that they're back after a pandemic hiatus! Our first-ever trip to Vermont back in 2010 was specifically to visit Frog Meadow Farm. A friend was describing it to us and it sounded a lot like an American Ryokan for gay men: seasonal breakfasts, a wood-fired soaking tub, and outdoor shower, a swimming pond, a massage studio, miles of private hiking and cross-country skiing trails, orchards and honeybees, a big fireplace to sit in front of, and a beautiful hilltop setting very close to the legendary Rock River gay recreation area. We've been to Frog Meadow in all four seasons. We come up here in summer to frolic in the river, in winter to snowshoe, in spring for the workshops, and in autumn to enjoy the spectacular leaves. As a gay man, there's something powerful about having a place to go where I don't have to have my guard up. Many of us have gotten so used to having it up we don't even notice that it's there until we get a chance to take it down and experience what that feels like. Yes, the inn is clothing-optional. In practice that generally means that people are only nude in the tub, shower, or pond; or when an adventurous type goes for a nude hike on one of the private trails. One of my favorite things about Frog Meadow is that it perfectly walks the line between cozy/romantic and flirty/playful – you can have whatever kind of time you want to have there. There are guests of all ages and sizes, most visiting from Boston, Montreal, New York, or elsewhere in the Northeast. Most importantly, you'll never need to censor yourself, tone it down, or otherwise repackage yourself to make sure you don't ruffle the feathers of fellow guests who might not approve of your "lifestyle" or who object to it being visible "in front of the children".
Brian K., New York, NY
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