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The More you Visit Frog Meadow, the Less Chance you Have of Having a “Ordinary” Vacation!

Nestled in a corner of Newfane, Vermont a gem has just been uncovered!

Are you looking for a place just to relax, unwind, get massaged and have your peace of mind? Then book a vacation at Frog Meadow. Your hosts, Dave and Scott are just accomodating, friendly, professional and respectful. The place is clean, friendly, inviting and centrally located to nearby towns. The accommodations are clean, modern, did I say clean, and sprawling. There are hiking trails, lounge areas, a swimming pond, a cool hot tub…just all that you need to be happy.

They have a large main house with great rooms and a Barn Suite for 2 or more people. That is where we stayed. It was a little piece of paradise in Vermont!

More is always less but the more you visit Frog Meadow, the less chance you have of having a “ordinary” vacation.

Visit them yourself and see if you’re not…completely content!

I & J, Flushing, NY
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