Yoga Retreats at Frog Meadow Oasis for Men Vermont

Join us and discover new perspectives and learn ways to become more open, resilient and centered! 

Welcome to Frog Meadow’s Workshops and Retreats Page!

Our Men’s Workshops, Retreats & Events are a great opportunity to celebrate, explore, integrate and heal body, mind, spirit and sexuality. We do this using Yoga, Massage, Tantra, Meditation and other practices in a relaxing, supportive and safe all-male environment. 

Discover new perspectives and learn ways to become more open, resilient and centered! Enjoy super-comfortable lodging and extraordinary meals at Frog Meadow’s private paradise for men!

We are pleased and proud to offer our onsite workshops and retreats for men. These enriching programs are based on our belief that educated and experienced guys help to create a stronger, loving and more supportive community!

Our workshops cover a wide array of body, mind, spirit and purpose-encompassing topics. Each is led by a certified professional, tailored to men and conducted in a safe and supportive environment. Themes include:

  • Spirituality, Meditation & Conscious Breathing
  • Healing Touch, Massage & Bodywork
  • Yoga, Pilates & Chi Gong
  • Eros, Sexuality & Tantra
  • Energy & Meridian work and more!
  • We also host frequent men’s social/cultural gatherings and men’s cycling and cross-country skiing outings that bring together Frog Meadow guests and locals to create a vibrant sense of community in our wonderful little corner of southern Vermont.

We are committed to providing a welcoming, non-judgmental and comfortable space where men can relax and shed the trappings of busy modern life. In the “aloha spirit” of Hawaii that inspired us to create Frog Meadow Oasis for Men, our guests are considered “ohana,” or extended family.

We invite you to use your retreat or workshop at Frog Meadow as an opportunity to learn, grow and re-create yourself. It is our hope that following your stay at Frog Meadow, you will return home refreshed, renewed and energized, having taken your experience along with some of our magical Vermont “Frog Meadow spirit” back home with you to share with others!

See our Calendar of Workshops and Retreats for details of upcoming men’s events!

Workshop facilitators for Men's Gatherings, Workshops+Retreats at Frog Meadow, The Northeast's Premier All Male Gay Resort and Retreat Center

Our faculty of workshop facilitators offer transformational programs exclusively for men!

Who are our Workshop Facilitators?

Our faculty of workshop facilitators specialize in men’s body, mind and spirit programs in many different areas, including:

  • Meditation
  • Healing touch and massage
  • Yoga, pilates and chi gong
  • Breath- and energy- work
  • Tantra
  • Sex and sexuality
  • Meridian work
  • Acupressure and acupuncture
  • Bioenergetics and core-energetics
  • Personal growth, development & purpose

Our workshop facilitators offer these transformational programs exclusively for men. We are especially blessed that they are very talented and sensitive practitioners in their specific field AND excellent facilitators as well!

Our workshops are open to all kinds of men: younger…older…buff…and not so buff….we always get a mix at Frog Meadow, The Northeast's Premier All Male Gay Resort and Retreat Center

We don’t care if you are young or old, black or white (or blue or green), sculpted or sagging. Our workshops are open to all kinds of men: younger…older…buff…and not so buff….we always get a mix. We take pride in our respectful, supportive, and friendly but non-cruisy atmosphere. We are refreshingly free of “attitude”.

Who are our Workshop Participants?

Workshop participants are single men and couples from all over the world and typically range in age from their 30s to 60s. They come from all walks of life and many different backgrounds. Approximately 75% of participants are single; the balance are couples.

The common thread that unites participants is the desire to experience, share and learn in the company of other men – in a relaxed, supportive and spiritually nourishing environment. Time and again, we consistently find that we all seek the same thing: To create deeper connections within ourselves and with other men!

We welcome guys of all ages, backgrounds and experiences. Young or old, black or white (or blue or green), sculpted or sagging. We take pride in our respectful, supportive, friendly and drama-free atmosphere. We are refreshingly free of dogma and “attitude.”

How Many Men Participate in Each Workshop?

Workshop programs at Frog Meadow are typically limited to 12-14 residential participants. We find that this provides an ideal facilitator-to-participant ratio and fosters a more intimate retreat setting, greater depth of learning, and increased connection between participants.

powerful male touch at Frog Meadow, The Northeast's Premier All Male Gay Resort and Retreat Center in Southern Vermont

Click the image above or here to read a first-hand authentic portrayal of  May 2019’s “Heart-Centered Touch Workshop” at Frog Meadow published by Boston Spirit Sept/Oct 2019

What do the Program Tuition Fees Include?

Tuition Fees includes all program fees & activities,
lodging, three home-cooked “from-scratch” meals per day, exclusive use of the property & amenities at Frog Meadow including wood-fired hot tub, spring-fed swimming pond and recreation trail network. 

What is the Physical Setting at Frog Meadow?

Twenty years ago, we built Frog Meadow after a five-year long-distance courtship – Scott in NYC and Dave in Vermont. Our vision was to create a sanctuary and place of respite to restore and rejuvenate ourselves. Twelve years later, we opened our home as an Oasis for Men, with the desire to provide like-minded men the opportunity to recreate themselves as we had, and to draw energy from the special place we had crafted.

Since then, Frog Meadow has evolved into a peaceful, park-like setting of sloping fields, pastoral forest, ancient stone walls, a spring-fed swimming pond, and a expansive stone terrace with breathtaking views of Vermont’s green hills. During your stay, we invite you to soak in our wood-fired hot tub, or enjoy our 4-season recreation trails, extensive perennial gardens and apple orchard!

The unique and magical setting of Frog Meadow enhances the workshop and retreat experience. It is a sanctuary where men celebrate, transform and integrate body and mind and spirit. We hope you find much tranquility, peace and inspiration while you’re with us – and that you’ll return to Frog Meadow many times!

Workshop & Retreat Room Frog Meadow, The Northeast's Premier All Male Gay Resort and Retreat Center

Programs are held in in a large, private, high-ceiling space we call the Retreat Dojo, steps from the Main House.

Where are Workshop Programs Held?

Workshops and retreats are held in a large, private, high-ceiling space we call the “Retreat Dojo” on the Frog Meadow property, within steps of the main house.

In warm months, we open two large south-facing floor-to-ceiling doors for an expansive open-air view of the Vermont countryside and to let in the fresh, clean Mountain air. Or, if the outdoors are suitable for the workshop, we take parts of our programs outdoors to other locations on Frog Meadow’s campus.

Guest Room Frog Meadow, The Northeast's Premier All Male Gay Resort and Retreat Center

Our 6 unique rooms, suites and cottages provide very comfortable accommodations and great views of Vermont’s countryside.

What Can I Expect from the Accommodations? 

Our five  unique rooms, cottages and suites provide comfortable accommodations for single guys and couples. Some important points:

  1. We offer a simple flat-rate for most workshops and retreats, based on per-person, double occupancy pricing (two per room per bed). As a result, workshop/retreat pricing is not dependent on room selection.
  2. Workshop enrollment is typically limited to 12 participants and room allocation is made in the order of registration, so be sure to register early to request your room preference!
  3. Single participants are paired up with other singles on a first come,
    Mr Hudson TOP 10 Gay Yoga Destinations Frog Meadow, The Northeast's Premier All Male Gay Resort and Retreat Center in Southern Vermont

    Mr. Hudson ranks Frog Meadow as “One of The 10 Best Gay-Friendly Yoga Retreats” Worldwide! Click here or the image above to learn more!

    first served basis, depending on room availability. Given our experience, as well as the relatively smaller size of Frog Meadow, this arrangement works out fine and without any issues.

  4. Note that the Brook Cottage and Honey Bee Cottage are fully insulated, heated and air-conditioned but does not have plumbing. A dedicated, shared bathroom for the Brook Cottage and Honey Bee Cottage is located in Frog Meadow’s Main House, a two-minute walk.
  5. We will make every effort to accommodate your room request however we may need to re-assign rooms to accommodate couples or those traveling together. If this becomes necessary, we will contact you prior to your arrival.
  6. Also note that alternative sleeping arrangements can be made for snorers, guys with C-PAP machines, etc.
  7. Click here for specific room descriptions, amenities and images. 



Breakfast at Frog Meadow, The Northeast's Premier All Male Gay Resort and Retreat Center

Much of the food served at Frog Meadow Farm comes from our gardens or is sourced locally. Evening meals are prepared by Frog Meadow’s New England Culinary Institute-trained chef!

What are Meals like when I’m at at Frog Meadow for a Retreat/Workshop?

In three words: Wonderful, wholesome and delicious!

Much of the food served at Frog Meadow Farm comes from our gardens or is sourced locally. Eggs, bread, yogurt, cheese, apple cider and many other items served at Frog Meadow are produced onsite, in Newfane or in the surrounding area, provided by artisanal cheese makers and local farms.

In-season, you will find our own native berries, apples, preserves, edible flowers, asparagus, fresh herbs – and of course, honey from our beehives and apple cider from our orchard – all at the kitchen table!

  • Evening meals are prepared by Frog Meadow’s New England Culinary Institute-trained chef and include entrees like braised chicken quarters w/ lemon vinaigrette & herbs, mushroom polenta; grilled beef w/ red wine mushroom sauce, seasonal veggies, quinoa pilaf; bouillabaisse w/ seasonal fish; thai pho noodle soup w/ chicken & vegetables.
  • Frog Meadow does not have a liquor license. Please feel free to bring an adult beverage of your choice to enjoy with your evening meal if you wish.
  • Please let us know at time of registration if you have any special dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.) and we will do our best to accommodate you.

How to Best Prepare for your Retreat Stay at Frog Meadow?

GAY-TANTRA and more at Frog Meadow, The Northeast's Premier All Male Gay Resort and Retreat Center in Southern Vermont

Click the image above or here to read a first-hand authentic portrayal of GAY-TANTRA “Desire-Ecstasy Bliss Workshop” published by Edge Media July 2018

Clothing to Pack: Best to pack comfortable, loose-fitting clothing (e.g. sweatpants/sweatshirt) that you can layer as necessary for maximum comfort. If you have a sarong, pack it! If not, we have sarongs available at Frog Meadow for purchase when you’re with us. Also, feel free to bring any power objects: e.g. stone, pictures, phallus, etc.

Shoes Off! Please note we are a “shoes off” household. We strive to keep the house as clean as possible by keeping the wonderful Vermont soil where it belongs, outdoors. Please bring slippers or other indoor footwear with you and leave your “outdoor” shoes by the door.

Setting Intentions:  We find it fruitful for retreat participants to engage in a personal dialogue prior to arriving at Frog Meadow: What do I want? What are my intentions? How can I make my weekend retreat experience a richer, fuller, even more dynamic experience for myself? We invite you to spend a few minutes musing on this before arriving.

What if I need to Cancel?

For cancellations more than 6 weeks prior to the retreat, all fees will be refunded, less a 15% of total program fee administration charge. For cancellations after that time, no fees will be refunded unless a replacement participant is found (and will be subject to a 15% administration charge).

Getting Here/Travel FAQs

How Do I Reach Frog Meadow by Car?

  • We’re approximately 2.5 hours from Boston, 3.5 hours from New York City and 2 hours from Hartford, CT.
  • After making your reservation you will receive a confirmation email with detailed instructions on how to get to Frog Meadow.
  • Our directions are simple and easy to follow. You’ll want to use our directions – NOT GPS – once you’re off the interstate!

What is the Closest Airport to Frog Meadow?

  • Bradley International Airport (BDL) near Hartford, CT is super-convenient, about an hour and a half of easy mostly Interstate Highway (I-91) driving to Brattleboro Directions to Newfane from Bradley International Airport.
  • Albany International Airport New York (ALB) is about 2 hours from Frog Meadow but the roads are almost entirely secondary two lane country highways and can be difficult to travel, especially in the winter. Directions to Newfane From Albany International Airport
  • Logan International Airport Boston (BOS) is about 3 hours From Frog Meadow. The roads are a mix of four lane and two lane highways and during rush hour traffic in the Boston area can be challenging. However depending on where you are coming from the connections to Logan from your originating airport may be much better than to Bradley or Albany, especially if you are coming from the west coast or Europe. Directions to Newfane from Logan International Airport.

Can I Use Public Transportation to get to Frog Meadow?

All Aboard! Daily Train Service from NY City to nearby Brattleboro VT

All Aboard! Daily Train Service from NY City to nearby Brattleboro VT

Yes. There are several options:

  • Train: The Vermonter offers daily Amtrak train service that originates in Washington, DC. The Vermonter services Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York City (Penn Station), Connecticut, and Western Massachusetts before arriving in Brattleboro, Vermont which is 12 miles south of Frog Meadow. More information on the Vermonter
  • Train and Rental Car Combo: If you are traveling from New York City, you may want to consider taking Metro North from Grand Central Station to New Haven, CT and renting a car there. The rental rates are much lower than in Manhattan and the train will get you past the most difficult traffic coming out of the city. Avis Rent-a-Car is located in the New Haven train station. The New Haven Train Station is at the southern terminus of I-91 with easy access to I-91 to Brattleboro, Vermont, which is 12 miles south of Frog Meadow. Drive time from New Haven to Brattleboro is approximately 2 hours.
  • Bus: There are also buses that will get you to Brattleboro from Boston and other points not serviced by train. More information on buses to Brattleboro
  • Rental Car: If you are arriving in Brattleboro by bus or train Enterprise Rent-a-Car will pick you up at the train or bus station and take you to their location to complete the paperwork and get you on your way to Frog Meadow. Avis Rent-a-Car is open 7 days a week in Brattleboro and will pick you up too.

How are the Roads in the Winter*?

Roads leading to Frog Meadow are very well maintained by the town of Newfane. The town removes the snow and sands the road right to our driveway. Our driveway is short and level and is plowed by a local maintenance man.

That being said, the road into Frog Meadow is a steady, three-mile incline. If it is actively snowing or if snow is in the forecast we suggest coming in a four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle with snow tires if at all possible. Two-wheel drive with snow tires is the next best choice. Two-wheel drive with all season tires may be fine during dry periods but might not be sufficient even with just a couple of inches of snow *.

*PLEASE NOTE: We will gladly pick you up at the bottom of the hill and bring you to Frog Meadow during snowy weather no matter what you drive and have arranged with the town for a safe and convenient place for our guests to leave their cars.

Some of the many 200 year old stone walls at Frog Meadow! About Us

Frog Meadow Farm Bed & Breakfast and Massage Oasis for Men is a welcoming, non-judgmental place for men of all colors and backgrounds to unwind and shed the trappings of busy modern life.

Frog Meadow frequently hosts men’s gatherings, workshops and retreats. Hosts Dave & Scott are committed to providing a welcoming environment to re-connect with nature and yourself.

The South RoomFrog Meadow is only 4 miles from the popular Rock River swimming hole, 10 miles from Brattleboro, VT and 30 minutes Mount Snow & Stratton Mountain ski resorts.

Relax in our spring-fed swimming pond, soak in our wood-fired hot tub, or enjoy our 4-season recreation trails and extensive perennial gardens and orchard!

Be sure to check out our special events calendarphoto galleriesrooms/lodging pages & lodging specials and discover all that gay-friendly Southern Vermont has to offer!

Frog Meadow Hot Tub

Click here to learn why Edge Boston calls Frog Meadow “Vermont’s Gay Oasis”


Guest Reviews

A Piece of Heaven

This place is so beautiful…we were here for four nights and celebrated my husband’s birthday and our tenth wedding anniversary too. The house, the grounds and in fact the whole area are beautiful. I can honestly say we have fallen in love with Vermont!

The lovely hosts Scott & Dave made us feel very welcome and the breakfasts by Dave were absolutely delicious. Although the weather was seasonally cooler than normal it didn’t stop up from enjoying our visit.

The local restaurants are simply great and our favourite was the Williamsville Eatery…gracious and friendly hosts and tremendous food and decor. The Artisan Restaurant at the Four Columns was also a great restaurant.

We were very sad to leave this little piece of heaven but we will be back!

Neil & Paul, Redruth, United Kingdom
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