Inspired by the spa-like tranquility of Frog Meadow, our hand-made, small-batch, all-natural Bodycare Products will revitalize, soothe & relax your mood.

Frog Meadow Bodycare products are available in our two signature fragrances:

  • Balsam & Cedar: an aromatic, blend of balsam and cedar essential oils for the fresh and relaxing essence of the Vermont woods, and

  • Tea Tree & Lemongrass: an antiseptic and aromatic blend of tea tree & lavender essential oils paired with the stimulating benefits of lemongrass to brighten and soothe your mood.


Guest Reviews

Theres No Place Like It!

I've stayed at Frog Meadow twice now and I'll be returning as often as my schedule allows (I travel from Virginia ). Simply put, there's no place like it! Not only have Scott and Dave built a perfectly designed oasis for gay guys, but they've created an inspiration for what thoughtful men of any sexuality can create with vision, attention to detail, and sincere care for others. As many of us ask what we can meaningfully do in our lifetimes, it's cool to appreciate their real achievement and relax in their perfect care. One other thing: I've only run into guys there who smart, chill, and interesting (yeah, some of them are pretty hot!).
Chris H., Norfolk, VA
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