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A Mystical Rewarding Pursuit

Tony Bennett may have left his heart in San Francisco, but I have left mine in Frog Meadow – a hidden gem, nestled within the borders of the little town of Newfane, in Vermont. I anxiously arrived to this Inn realizing that I had stumbled upon a magical microcosm, settled on 60-plus acres of hallowed grounds where the first spoken words of welcome spun a spiritual cocoon around me. And my anxiety was gone, immediately replaced by a gift of trust, protection and brotherly love. The owners, Scott and Dave, have turned what was a rustic and left-behind tract of land, into what they term – an “Oasis” for men to come together and share in retreats, relaxation and revelations. For me, this is not an Oasis – it is a Mecca! This simple concept along the lines of a bed and breakfast, became a beating heart, sounding out its call like a beacon of light to all men, who are at various points in their life- journeys. There is no pretentiousness like you may find at hotels, inns or other “businesses” – you are not a “number” here – You are in their home and treated like family and old friends – right from the get go. I came to participate in a 3-day Massage Workshop/Retreat with 9 other men whom I had never met – and being the silent observer that I am, I was awed to see how easily everyone blended into the “family” scene – “down home hearty” meals were whipped up by Chef Dave –cooked and served right in front of us, while we waited at the tables; laughter and jokes filled the air as we made our way through to dessert – and then, like a good family, the guys just got up from their tables and immediately started to help clean up, bring out dishes and glassware, leftover foods – no one hesitating for fear of stepping on toes. No awkwardness – just every one simply “being”. By now, any walls or boundaries seemed to have vanished. This connectedness transcended the whole weekend, increasing moment by moment amongst us all. Scott was the host – and like an MC – he was the one who kept time, kept people moving, kept up a running patter of chit chat on topics ranging from Newfane history to risqué innuendos, much to everyone’s delight. He worked the periphery of the event, actually being the glue and oil to keep everything together and running smoothly. They are flanked by two other workers who deserve more than a mention – “Dr. Dave” and “Jay”- who embody the model of employees who LOVE their jobs. They did not have to say anything; it was very apparent – “Dr. Dave” took care of the guests with outside needs and helping with baggage, transportation, bringing guests to their rooms and all of this, with zeal and gusto. “Jay”, was everywhere, wearing many hats, behind the scenes, in the kitchen keeping the meal service going smoothly, keeping our rooms set up – making sure no one wanted for anything – all with an amazing smile on his face, whether he was looking at anyone or not. I had the privilege of some real quality time with both Dr. Dave and Jay to learn more about these hard-working and very personable guys and made connections that will hopefully last a long time. Some of what one may think are routine, mundane amenities at your regular b & b’s or inns, here are SO unique – the wood-fired hot tub, the natural swimming pond, the grounds and trails – all to be enjoyed either in attire or freely without wearing a stitch! What freedom!! Scott and Dave have reversed a trend that has swayed the gay community - through this endeavor, they are bringing BACK the community - creating a sanctuary such as Frog Meadow where the community can enjoy a renaissance and will thrive - better than ever! I hesitated to write this review, because I don’t want to end up not being able to get a reservation in the future. I suspect that waiting lines could become so long! – I selfishly want to keep this paradise and its existence all to myself – but – what this experience did for me was more than one can imagine. – It is something that I cannot keep hidden – but am compelled to share it with ‘brothers everywhere’ searching for this “community and its offerings” that I found here. “Oasis”?, “Mecca”? – No! Wait !!....... Stop the Pursuit !! Frog Meadow is truly The Holy Grail !
Tommy M., Burlington, CT
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