Our faculty of current and recent workshop facilitators specialize in men’s body, mind & spirit programs in many areas, including:

  • Our faculty of workshop facilitators offer transformational programs exclusively for men!


  • Healing touch and massage
  • Yoga, pilates and chi gong
  • Breath- and energy- work
  • Tantra
  • Sex and sexuality
  • Meridian work
  • Acupressure and acupuncture
  • Bioenergetics and core-energetics
  • Personal growth and development.

Our workshop facilitators offer these transformational programs exclusively for men. We are especially blessed that they are very talented and sensitive practitioners in their specific field AND excellent facilitators as well!

AB Headshot_optimizedAdam Brown is a bodyworker and acupuncturist in New York City. He has 20+ years of private client and group facilitation creating workshops all over the country focused on empowering men to embody their authenticity to embrace a model of embodied and connected in life’s pursuits. For the last 10 years, Adam has been leading a weekly massage group for men in New York City called Heart Centered Touch for Men. In groups and individual work, Adam blends his Tantra & Taoist training to guide men in clear
communication and in experiencing the body’s energy as a source of pleasure and as a path to higher consciousness. You’ll find more about Adam’s work at

Adam facilitates frequent men’s massage retreats at Frog Meadow. Adam is wonderful & talented massage therapist as well as a warm & engaging facilitator. Many of his retreat participants have returned multiple times to freshen and enhance what they have learned and to share it with others!

Bob Hampton_croppedBob Hampton is from Dallas, Texas where he maintains a private Sacred Intimate practice in addition to professional work as a designer. Bob structures his sessions and workshops from extensive training with The Body Electric School and The Garden of Ian.

Bob has focused his Tantra-based practice with Taoist Massage, Breathwork, Mindful Touch and Personal Growth & Development. According to Bob, “Touch is the pathway to healing and pleasure”. You can reach Bob at bhampton1206@yahoo.com.


Workshop Facilitator, Armin Heining

Armin C. Heining is the founder of the “Institute for Meditation & Tantra” and internationally recognized pioneer & founder of GAY-TANTRA™. For over 20 years he has had an active presence throughout Europe with workshops, seminars, edu-vacations and training programs that include “The Gay Superorgasm”, “Love – Desire – Ecstasy”, “The Art of Erotic Self-loving”, “Ultimate Gay Sex”, ”The Dark Side of Eros” and other topics.

During his 10 year journey from Benedictine Monk to GAY-TANTRA™ Coach, Armin Heining searched to learn the connection between spirituality and sexuality. The result of Armin’s journey was the development of a unique program that incorporates meditation and touch called GAY-TANTRA™.  Armin has gathered experience, both by working on himself and together with many hundreds of gay, bisexual and heterosexual participants using the most varied techniques & instruments to achieve lasting healing and wholeness in body, soul and spirit. GAY-TANTRA™ uses the strongest of these.

With the continuing release of his ground-breaking GAY-TANTRA™ 11-part DVD series beginning in 2010 and continuing through 2015, Armin has helped Tantra become widely known within the gay community in Europe. His GAY-TANTRA™ workshops, seminars, counselling, coaching and DVDs are unique in Europe and he is considered to be the ultimate authority on meditation and ecstatic sexuality, the art of massage and the culture of most intimate communication. Moreover, in Germany & Europe, Armin’s GAY-TANTRA™ programs are widely accepted & considered as legitimate spiritual & sexual educational enrichment programs, created to serve the specific needs of the gay community – a resource that is not available in the US. We think this is a very forward-thinking point-of-view, and we’re pleased to bring Armin’s innovative GAY-TANTRA programs to the gay community in the US for the first time!

Armin is based in Berlin, where he is additionally the principal owner and lead Masseur of the Oasis for GAY-TANTRA™ massages, a place where a team of Masseurs provide GAY-TANTRA™ massages for men in an exclusive atmosphere, a Tantra School for gay singles and couples, counselling, gay sex coaching and more. Learn more about Armin at www-gay-tantra.us

Wayne Lapinski has used a variety of approaches in his fifteen years of work in holistic health. His generosity of spirit and ease in communicating make him a compassionate teacher and a catalyst for personal growth. He has had a personal journey with the breath since 2008, so profound and transformative, that he has gone on become a certified breathwork practitioner through the Power of Breath Institute.

In addition to working with private clients, Wayne offers workshops and retreats teaching breath tools for relaxation, unwinding and releasing old patterns of holding in the body.

Wayne became a certified Shiatsu Therapist in 2000 and has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine extensively. He incorporates western massage techniques in his work, including heated and chilled stone massage, and is also certified through LaStone International® as a master LaStone Therapist. He combines his knowledge of the body and experience of touch to produce personal transformation with the breath in his clients.

Rafael Ledesma After many years as a Designer and Holistic Counselor in the private sector, Rafael discovered the Tantric path through Body Electric workshops and a new journey began! For the last 7 years Rafael has been involved with The Garden of Ian presenting workshops on both the east and west coasts. As retreat facilitator, he utilizes Tantra principles as well as Bioenergetics, Core-Energetics and breathwork.

Rafael lives in Palm Harbor, Fl where he maintains a Sacred Intimate and teaching practice drawing from various modalities including, Tantra/Taoist Massage, Focused Touch and Breathwork. He can be reached at touchbyrafael@verizon.net 

Colby Smith began his journey into the yoga practice taking Ashtanga classes in Charlottesville, VA. Upon moving to the northeast to go back to law school, he fell out of his yoga practice, and, in many ways, out of his body. He returned to yoga in 2007 with more than a few extra pounds to lose. Through work and dedication, he lost the weight, completed 2 full Ironman competitions, and has been practicing vigorously ever since!

Colby has completed a 100 hour Anusara Yoga Immersion at Prasad Yoga in Southampton, PA. He then completed a 100 Hour Anusara Yoga Teacher Training with Michelle Synnestvedt also at Prasad. Additional training includes near completion of the DDYT 500 Hour Teacher Training at Dig Yoga in Lambertville, NJ and ongoing training at Dhuni Yoga in PA. In addition to his yoga training, Colby received his Mat and Reformer Pilates Certifications at IM=X Pilates Studios in Manhattan.  Colby is also certified to offer Table Treatments using the Yamuna Body Rolling system. Colby is currently apprenticing with Christian de la Huerta to offer Soulful Breathwork, an intense breathwork meditation.  

As an avid athlete, Colby understands the mechanisms and workings of the body, particularly the male body.  He teaches weekly Men’s Yoga classes in his private studio in Lambertville, NJ for all levels of men.  He strongly believes, though, that the physical practice is just one component and incorporates many styles and modalities into his teaching, including meditation, breathwork, touch practice and partnering. Colby brings a lighthearted approach to all of his teaching.  



Guest Reviews

Beautiful, restful – and fun!

I just returned from an amazing weekend workshop at Frog Meadow! Scott and Dave have created a magical place. It was the perfect weekend to enjoy the gorgeous grounds and gardens in Spring.

I shared a room in the Deluxe Barn Suite with 3 people I did not know but we became “brothers” by the end of the weekend. It is a bright and beautiful space. I also stayed one night in the South Room in the Main House. Both buildings are very nicely appointed, the beds comfortable, and the facilities modern and clean.

You cannot beat the hot tub and outdoor shower for turning the “morning routine” into an ecstatic experience! Hiking naked in the woods makes you feel one with nature and laying on the warm rock by the pond can take you back to your childhood.

Michael M, Pittsburgh
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