Experience Naked Cheddar®. Vermont’s best all-natural cheese, stripped to its essence.

Crafted exclusively for Frog Meadow by the Grafton Village Cheese Company

Frog Meadow Naked Cheddar® is handcrafted cheddar cheese, made in small batches from the milk of Jersey cows that graze on several local Vermont family farms.

Our Naked Cheddar is made exclusively for us by the nearby Grafton Village Cheese Company and is considered by many to be among one of the country’s finest artisinal cheeses!

Naked Cheddar has no chemical additives, synthetic growth hormones or preservatives. The milk is delicately handled and made into cheese by local artisan cheese makers within 10-13 hours of having been delivered fresh from the farm.

The natural aging of our Naked Cheddar, which takes three years, combined with the high protein and butterfat of Vermont Jersey milk, give this cheese an exceptionally creamy and robust flavor.

Serve at room temperature. Enjoy!

Net weight 8 ounces.

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