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  • Scott skis downhill out on our trails

  • Dave skis out to the Brook Cottage after a snowfall

  • Winter view through the hardwoods from the Brokeback Cabin

  • Christmastime at Frog Meadow

  • The birdhouse off the kitchen after a December ice storm

  • One of Scott’s favorite trees out on Frog Meadow’s trails

  • Frog Meadow’s Hot Tub is open 7 days a week, 12 month a year!

    Guests Tom & Henry enjoying the hot tub in winter…thanks for the great picture, guys!

  • Ice storm aftermath!

  • Crab apples after an ice storm!

  • Dave and the Brokeback Cabin

  • Ice Storm makes a winter mosaic of the patio

  • Naked cross-country skiing to celebrate a snowy Saint Pat’s Day!

  • Early winter at Frog Meadow

  • Welcome to Winter at Frog Meadow

  • Neo-classic birdhouse in winter

  • Frog Meadow’s Main House in Winter

  • The hot tub after a snowstorm

  • Winter Sunrise at Frog Meadow shot by guest Harvey from the UK

  • The view from the Deluxe Barn Suite’s private deck

  • The frog who watches over the Brook Cottage in Winter

  • Dave skis out to the Brokeback Cabin

  • Cozy winter birdhouse

  • Morning clouds settle in the valley below

  • Snow cleared and hot tub all fired up!

  • The trail out to the Brokeback Cabin

  • South view from the Main House

  • Winter windowboxes!

  • Amazing skiing out the door at Frog Meadow on April 6!

  • One of our many Froggish Christmas Tree Ornaments

  • Cross-country ski & snowshoe trails at Frog Meadow

  • The view from the Main House looking south to the pond

  • The view south from the Main House

  • Early morning snow

  • The view east from the Brook Cottage in Winter

  • The path to the Brook Cottage in January

  • Our honeybee hives dormant in the winter


Guest Reviews

Lovely, charming and wonderful – we will be back!

We loved our two-day stay at Frog Meadow and cannot thank Scott and Dave enough for all of the hospitality and extra touches to make our stay so special. We stayed in the Frog Meadow Suite with a private bath and let me just say that it was like heaven on earth!

We loved all of the details and the quality accommodations and design. The common areas and hot tub and trails are truly a joy. We even enjoyed walking around the streets for an hour or so at night and enjoy the fresh air and sunsets.

During your stay you will get a chance to meet other guests and socialize if you so choose. Everyone was very nice and pleasant — and although we did spend some time talking with the other guests, we also felt we had more than enough opportunities for private time and conversation.

Overall, I cannot recommend this experience enough, we will be back soon having already made return reservations before we left!

David S., Philadelphia, PA
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