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  • Scott skis downhill out on our trails

  • Dave skis out to the Brook Cottage after a snowfall

  • Winter view through the hardwoods from the Brokeback Cabin

  • Christmastime at Frog Meadow

  • The birdhouse off the kitchen after a December ice storm

  • One of Scott’s favorite trees out on Frog Meadow’s trails

  • Frog Meadow’s Hot Tub is open 7 days a week, 12 month a year!

    Guests Tom & Henry enjoying the hot tub in winter…thanks for the great picture, guys!

  • Ice storm aftermath!

  • Crab apples after an ice storm!

  • Dave and the Brokeback Cabin

  • Ice Storm makes a winter mosaic of the patio

  • Naked cross-country skiing to celebrate a snowy Saint Pat’s Day!

  • Early winter at Frog Meadow

  • Welcome to Winter at Frog Meadow

  • Neo-classic birdhouse in winter

  • Frog Meadow’s Main House in Winter

  • The hot tub after a snowstorm

  • Winter Sunrise at Frog Meadow shot by guest Harvey from the UK

  • The view from the Deluxe Barn Suite’s private deck

  • The frog who watches over the Brook Cottage in Winter

  • Dave skis out to the Brokeback Cabin

  • Cozy winter birdhouse

  • Morning clouds settle in the valley below

  • Snow cleared and hot tub all fired up!

  • The trail out to the Brokeback Cabin

  • South view from the Main House

  • Winter windowboxes!

  • Amazing skiing out the door at Frog Meadow on April 6!

  • One of our many Froggish Christmas Tree Ornaments

  • Cross-country ski & snowshoe trails at Frog Meadow

  • The view from the Main House looking south to the pond

  • The view south from the Main House

  • Early morning snow

  • The view east from the Brook Cottage in Winter

  • The path to the Brook Cottage in January

  • Our honeybee hives dormant in the winter


Guest Reviews

A Perfect Oasis!

Thank you for another wonderful stay at your place…I’d say “Oasis” is a well chosen description of Frog Meadow Farm!

Richard and I both enjoyed relaxing outdoors and in…plus, those  lounge chairs by the pond are great for cloud watching!

Until next time, Gents 🙂

James, Northampton, MA
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