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  • Black Eyed Susans

    Black Eyed Susans

  • Bluebells in the spring

  • A crafty chipmunk!

  • The dancing frogs at Frog Meadow

  • Daffodils

  • Crocuses

  • Crocus up close

  • Dozens of yards of daffodils

  • Dave checks out our bees

  • A daydreaming frog

  • The pond at Frog Meadow in spring

  • The dancing frogs

  • The gardens in spring

  • The gardens in spring

  • Frog Meadow’s main house captured in guest Bill from Arizona’s watercolor

  • Frog Meadow Art

  • Frog Meadow's main house captured in a guest iPad drawing...thank you James from India!

    Frog Meadow’s main house captured in a guest iPad drawing…thank you James from India!

  • Dazzling royal violet bearded irises put on a shoe in early June

  • A field of showy lupines in the meadow

  • Miles of daffodils!

  • More daffodils

  • Early spring Hostas

  • The ornamental pear Tree in spring

  • The mini waterfall behind the Brook Cottage…Thank you Peter and Greg from NYC!

  • Tulips

    Tulips by the back door in spring

  • Bees in the appke orchard in May


Guest Reviews

Perfect Retreat from the Hectic Urban Lifestyle!

This was our second visit…we were married at Frog Meadow in 2011!

Super beautiful location, with a nice wood-burning hot tub. Fireplace in a nice living space, if you go in the winter.

This is the perfect retreat from the hectic urban lifestyle. This is a GREAT place to relax and unwind!

Close to Rock River and Brattleboro, which has excellent restaurants and shops.

SUPER breakfast prepared by Dave!

Great bath products that smell super!

Kelton, Plantation, FL
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