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  • The frog king in fall!

  • Frog Meadow’s stone love seat

  • A colorful show of colors!

  • The view looking east

  • The view from the stone patio at Frog Meadow’s Main House

  • Welcome to Frog Meadow!

  • fall colors galore!

  • Some of the many 200 year old stone walls at Frog Meadow!

  • The swing and the view to the swimming pond in fall

  • West view of The Main House in Autumn

  • Technicolor explosion!

  • Birdhouses and fall colors

  • The barn set against the fall colors

  • Fall colors abound

  • The Brook Cottage in autumn

  • The swimming pond in Autumn

  • The hammock by the swimming pond in Autumn

  • Frog Meadow’s Main House in Autumn

  • The dancing frogs enjoying the fall color!

  • Autumn view of the meadow and swimming pond taken from the firepit

  • Frog Meadow’s wood-fired hot tub in Autumn shot by guests Gary & David from Long Island

  • This frog keeps watch over the Brook Cottage

  • Oak trees turning color…shot by guest Brian from NYC

  • The swimming pond in autumn

  • Guest Kelly from NYC enjoying a pensive moment in the wood-fired hot tub

  • Making apple cider Fall Foliage Frog Meadow New England's Best All Male Gay Resort in Southern Vermont

    Making cider with guest Kelly from NYC

  • The Deluxe Barn Suite in Autumn shot by guest Villiam from Prague

  • Crab apples in fall

  • The dancing frogs in fall

  • The nastersiums before the first frost

  • The show of leaves changing color captured by Guest Steve from Chicago

  • Harmony at Frog Meadow New England's Best All Male Gay Resort in Southern Vermont

    Food for thought at Frog Meadow

  • The wood-fired hot tub in autumn

  • Harvest time!

  • The view to the west from the Main House’s stone patio

  • The Brook Cottage in Autumn

  • Down by the swimming pond

  • Early Autumn colors and the clouds nestled in the valley

  • Early fall down by the Brook Cottage

  • The colors change down by the swimming pond

  • Early October 300 feet above Frog Meadow via drone!


Guest Reviews

Finding the Magic!

After numerous visits to Frog Meadow Farm (FMF) I have wondered why I, like so many others, return to this retreat of peace and solitude, especially when there are so many alternatives afforded me throughout the United States and around the world. I was determined to find the reason for my obsession with FMF.

Maybe the secret can be surmised by the two guests who sought refuge at the resort during a workshop they attended that required extensive homework and concentration after their daily sessions. Although sightings of the two were few and far between, when they did appear usually to take a relaxing dip in the hot tub or at breakfast, one could not have found two more amicable men. In fact, one guest commented that after numerous visits to FMF, he had yet to encounter anyone disagreeable or unpleasant which says a lot about the magical affect of the place, the hosts and the ambience one will encounter upon arrival.

Perhaps, the answer for my obsession can be found by a younger guest who was enchanted by the peace and mystery that the night brought. The evening was complete with fireflies that complimented the illuminated starlit sky. His joy and exuberance sparked the curiosity of the other guests that evening and eventually we all joined him in his celebration of life. Once Dave fired up a campfire, we all experienced a similar excitement to the point that, out of the blue marshmallows appeared, and the joy of youth touched all assembled!

However for me, I have concluded that it’s the simple presence of the many frogs that create my obsession. It seems as I drive up Newfane Hill Road, their siren’s call commands my vehicle up the hill. Their dissonant croaking takes me through my day of relaxation and reading and at night their audile presence lulls me to sleep.

I guess everyone who visits FMF will find something special that will enhance their visit. Whether it’s the friendly encounters, the attentive hospitality, the peaceful surroundings, the meticulously prepared and delicious breakfast, the natural ambience of the scenery or just the frogs.

Whatever the reason, it will give them ample justification to return and find their own personal magic!

Marvin B., Griffin, GA
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