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Do yourself a favor…pack a bag and ESCAPE to Frog Meadow!

ESCAPE - travel agents and designers hawking fragrance are fond of dangling that word as bait, offering reprieve from a life perhaps crowded by appointments, littered with gadgets, and increasingly frayed around the edges by worries. But how often does it ever truly reach its realization? Given the indignities of modern travel, I’d wager – not so much.   And then, there’s Frog Meadow: Reverently facing a postcard perfect vista of Vermont’s undulating hills, astride a patch of land that naturally slopes and dips into plains and angles, it seems organic somehow to the acreage on which it nestles. As if it had always been here, indifferent to deadlines and the habitually frantic demands of the rest of the world, silently bearing witness to the languid march of the seasons in brush strokes of leaves or snow against a panoramic canvas. The sun sets in nothing short of a grand gesture, sinking into the horizon in a wake of orange streaks framed by tree limbs reaching out to a purple sky that eventually becomes encrusted by a million shimmering stars. It’s the sort of spectacle meant to be shared, preferably cradled in the arms of someone equally precious. And if you haven’t any one, you almost believe here is where you might find him.   Inside, guests tend to convivial chats, luxuriating in the warmth of Dave and Scott’s generous accommodations while arriving at an often simultaneous consensus of finding ways to perfect il dolce far niente. Certainly there are more than several things you can do. The point, however, is having the option of doing nothing at all. And if there ever was a place for that, consider the nook in the living room, the hot tub, the patio, the bench swing or on top of Dave’s massage table as ideal spots to do so.  Shedding burdens comes easy at Frog Meadow.   Do yourself a favor and ditch the agenda, unplug the tangle of chargers, pack a bag, and, yes, oh yes…ESCAPE!
Joe P, New York NY
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