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“A Work of Art”

Nine consecutive years travelling from Georgia to Frog Meadow Farm is a testament of the hospitality, camaraderie and pure natural ambiance that one will experience at this men's retreat in Newfane, Vermont! As I sat around the breakfast table with all the other guests during my recent visit, I whimsically thought about how Norman Rockwell might visually depict this gathering of like-minded souls participating in the great American tradition of eating breakfast . I am sure his brush would have focused on Dave as he carefully arranged the fresh fruit and yogurt in the butler's pantry while mentally developing his strategy for feeding this group of hungry men. His eye would have focused on those guests who gathered around the table. Some weary-eyed attempting to revive themselves with their first cup of freshly brewed coffee. He could hardly ignore those late stragglers slowly approaching the table after an evening of animated conversation and late-night shenanigans while soaking up the soothing warmth of the hot tub on a clear starlit evening. Somehow, he would picture Dave preparing each individual plate with the care and attention of the ideal host. And later capture the dichotomous images of Scott's shirtless masculinity as he delicately positions piping hot plates in front of each awaiting guest. Without a doubt, Rockwell would have highlighted the multi-racial, multi-generational, and culturally diverse makeup of the men assembled. The visual depiction of the guests being aroused by the savory aroma of bacon or sausage would surely be conveyed on canvas. Each eating hungrily as they made mental images of their plans for the day. Whether navigating the Vermont countryside; going to the nearby town of Brattleboro to window shop, in search of the perfect gift for a friend; or just relaxing by the hot tub and passing the day reading a book and taking in the beautifully landscaped vista of Frog Meadow. Rockwell was renowned for his portrayal of ordinary people in everyday situations and his ability for capturing the visual narrative of the American experience. Previous guests have described Frog Meadow Farm as the "gay oasis of the northeast." Others have praised it as being the "ultimate men's retreat in Vermont." But for me, plain and simple, Frog Meadow Farm is a "masterpiece!!!"
Stan the Man, Griffin, GA
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