Adam’s Virtual Men’s QiGong & Tantra class focus on our wellness – Respiratory & Immune Strength – and on our continued erotic health while maintaining a consistent sense of community!

Join us online for Men’s QiGong and Tantra Practices focused on our wellness – Respiratory & Immune Strength – and on our continued erotic health while maintaining a consistent sense of community!

The Connection which we all have committed to over the years is threatened by social distancing. But, it is only a pause, a re-set. We will be together again in person before too long. Meanwhile, we use technology to solidify that connection and share what we can during this disruptive time in our world.

The class consists of easy-to-follow QiGong Exercises (Taoist Yoga) to strengthen the respiratory and immune function. In addition, we engage in Tantric self – massage witnessing each other on screen. This is an energetic exploration – how to circulate vital energy in our bodies – sensual, erotic and heart-centered. It is life-affirming and a creative process – even on screen. Another Tantric element of the class is working with our Chakras – how they work and the significance of that system. There is time for sharing at the end of the class.

Every Wednesday Evening 6-7PM EDT!

The Men’s Taoist/Tantra Practice Class is a revelation on Zoom. Learn a dynamic practice to maintain stellar health! Add to that a practice of cultivating erotic energy for health and vitality using self-touch and breathwork. Witness each other. Be inspired. Stay connected to your erotic, sensual and human self during home-stay. Share with other men who want to connect regularly!

REGISTER HERE: Use this link to register and pay for class(es)  

  • A single class is $15. A pack of 6 classes is $80 – see the August 14th date on the Registration Page for 6-pack. Once you register, Adam will send you the Zoom log-in credentials. Self-care is so important in these days of stress.
  • The format: 40 minutes of QiGong Health Practice, 20 minutes of Tantric Self-Touch/Energy Circulation Practice.
  • The QiGong practice consists of mostly standing-in- place-exercises to circulate vital energy in the body. The self-touch practice is exploratory, not formulaic….
  • Practice Naked – It’s empowering, freeing and fun!

Adam Brown is a bodyworker and acupuncturist in New York City. He has 25 years of experience working with men individually and in groups coaching men around issues of intimacy, sexual expression and male physicality. He also facilitates and creates workshops for men all over the country focused on empowerment, intimacy and the evolution of our consciousness.  Adam uses Tantric and Taoist Practices to guide men to embody their lives. His intention is to assist men in expressing their authenticity and to feel more comfortable with male-to-male intimacy. For the last 12 years, Adam has been leading a massage-exchange group for men in New York City called Heart-Centered Touch for Men.  Adam has facilitated men’s retreats at Frog Meadow since 2012, is a wonderful & talented massage therapist as well as a warm & engaging facilitator. Many of his retreat participants have returned multiple times to freshen and enhance what they have learned and to share it with others! You’ll find more about Adam’s work at www.heart-centeredtouch.com and www.adambrownacupuncture.com

Looking for a change in perspective during these unprecedented times ? Are you at a “pivot point” in your life personally, professionally, spirtually or relationship-wise? Consider joining us for one of our men’s gatherings, workshops & retreats and take advantage of the different modalities that we offer to help re-connect with yourself and connect with other like-minded men in a safe and supportive environment. 

Since our men’s gatherings, workshops and retreats are temporarily on hiatus this fall due to COVID-19, we have coordinated virtual programs led by many of our Workshop & Retreat facilitators. They’re a great opportunity to discover new perspectives and experience ways to become more centered, more open, more loving and more resilient.