The Bear Wellness Podcast is a fun, safe space where Coach Cub Jon Fischer sits down with guests on a bi-weekly basis to explore topics like body positivity, weight-neutral health, yoga for bigger bodies, self-acceptance, and much more!

Episode #2 features Nirmal Chandraratna, yoga teacher, meditation instructor & musician. Nirmal has hosted Bear Yoga classes for this group for the last year, so it was a blast to hear more about his story and to learn about his perspective on yoga, meditation, and more. Learn how he overcame some anxieties of being a bigger guy in yoga classes and how he broke through the frustrations of starting a mediation practice.

Learn more about Nirmal and his work at https://nirmalc.com/

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Health Coach Cub Jon Fischer’s passion is working with men who know want to make positive changes to their lifestyle and diet but don’t know where to begin or what to do next. Jon believes that in order to make sustainable changes, it must be fun and authentic for each of his clients. He’s a big fan of celebrating the positives and learning at every step of one’s journey. Jon a huge fan of self-care (his favorites are baths, the wood-fired hot tub at Frog Meadow, day spas, and the beach) and loves laughing – in fact, he’s Laughter Yoga Leader! Jon attended to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2014 to be trained as a Health Coach, and has worked for the school since 2016. Jon’s classes are co-led by certified personal trainers and trained yoga instructors. Outside of coaching, facilitating events and podcasting, Jon loves soccer, studying Portuguese, and watching stand-up comedy. A Native of Brooklyn, Jon got married to his husband, Damiano Demonte on Good Morning America in 2016!

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