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Hello Dear Men!

We hope all of you are healthy and staying safe.

Here we are 10 months into the pandemic and while many difficulties lie ahead, it also seems that there may be light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccines are on the horizon. There is a new president coming. However, there is much to be accomplished and much to be revealed to get us closer to that light.

In these times of extreme uncertainty, a quote from the great Yogi Berra comes to mind:

“You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going, because you might not get there.”

To us this exercise in circular logic means that while we must keep our eyes on the prize, we must also take things one day at a time. Here at Frog Meadow Scott and Dave are doing both. The prize is our reopening!

  • Every day gets us one step closer to that reopening day.
  • Every day a new set of opportunities and challenges present themselves.


What we have said over and over since the pandemic began bears repeating:

“We remain committed to surviving this and thriving to the future and are able to do this largely because of the support and understanding of our friends and loyal guests like you! We look forward to reopening as soon as possible and having you back with us again”.

We miss you all and appreciate your continued understanding and support.

With gratitude, love and affection,

– Scott, Dave, Jay and Dan

What we are doing at Frog Meadow:

Our hearts go out to those directly affected by the pandemic, those who have lost their lives and their loved ones, and those who have lost their jobs. And of course, huge appreciation and thanks to the brave health care workers and essential services workers who provide the rest of us with the things we need to survive. The Covid-19 pandemic has also hit businesses and workers hard, especially in the hospitality industry. Frog Meadow is no exception.

However, we are not complaining…we are both healthy and doing our bit to isolate ourselves. We are well-stocked with provisions and are prepared to ride this out. Our efforts are not just for ourselves but for our local community and health providers. Vermonters are doing a great job at “crushing the curve” We are proud to be part of this very important community effort.

  1. We expect to reopen this spring, unless there are significant changes.
  2. Workshops have been cancelled and we have coordinated ways to for you to connect virtually with some of our facilitators in the interim.
  3. Work Camp and Garden Fellowship programs have been postponed until conditions and safety permit.
  4. We have temporarily updated our Cancellation Policy as noted on our Policies Page. Please be sure to review and understand these changes before booking as we will not be able to make any exceptions.
  5. When we re-open we will take every appropriate precaution for the safety and health of our lodging and workshop guests in this time of widespread health concerns. It is not yet possible to anticipate the public health situation this spring/summer, and so we must wait for more information before we can confirm our plans & policies.
  6. How you can help Us:

Travel to Vermont: “Vermont Governor Phil Scott announced that the state of emergency has been extended to March 15, noting.” We all “must continue to follow guidance on mandatory health and safety practices and the latest travel quarantine requirements.”

Here is the link to the directive regarding cross state travel.

Quarantine and non-quarantine counties throughout the northeastern United States, updated weekly on Tuesdays. Click on the image for current info. Click here for answers to FAQs about Cross Border Travel.

Due to raising COVID-19 case counts across the Northeast, effective on November 10, 2020, the State of Vermont has suspended its leisure travel map and implemented a mandatory quarantine for anyone returning or traveling to Vermont.

A regional map will continue to be maintained on the Agency of Commerce and Community Development and the Department of Financial Regulation websites for informational purposes only. The regional map will continue to be updated weekly on Tuesdays.

The regional map is populated with raw data from Johns Hopkins University and uses multiple factors to determine how many active cases are in each county. Read the complete methodology for how active cases per million residents is being calculated. The aggregated data by county is also available.



Guest Reviews

Well Taken Care Of!

Dear Scott & Dave-

I very much enjoyed my first visit to Frog Meadow!

You are both terrific hosts and made the Yoga/Wellness retreat with Yogis Colby and Derek a great experience.

I learned a lot, felt challenged by the practice, but also felt taken care of and warmly welcomed by you and your whole staff!

I look forward to a return visit in the future. Thank you!

Ray Q., Pasadena, CA
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