summer pond floating

There are several oversize inner tubes for floating in the pond, day or night.


Frog Meadow’s swimming pond is 8 to 12 feet deep and fed by deep springs and the brook, keeping its water cool, fresh and clean. Complete with stone steps for easy entrance and exit, the swimming pond was designed so that Scott (an amateur competitive swimmer and triathlete) could easily do his measured 25-yard lap swim training routine, flip turns and all – and you can too! There are several oversize inner tubes for floating in the pond, day or night.

Immediately next to the pond is a private, grassy sunbathing area complete with chaise lounge chairs for wiling away the afternoon, visiting with other guests, or catching a post-swim nap. This same warm, grassy area is where morning yoga sessions are held during our frequent Yoga & Wellness weekends!

Frog Meadow's main house captured in a guest iPad drawing...thank you James from India!

Frog Meadow’s main house captured in a guest iPad drawing…thank you James from India!

There’s a super-comfy two-man hammock next to the pond with a spectacular sweeping view of the pond, meadow, apple orchard and gardens…the perfect place for an afternoon snuggle and/or nap!

In the area surrounding the pond you’ll find wild blackberries for picking, as well as water irises and zebra grass!

A note to visiting city folks: Not to worry about snakes, snails, turtles, leaches or other nasty critters! The wildlife in the swimming pond is limited to frogs, tadpoles and the occasional crayfish.

According to returning guest Matthew from Queens NY…

I think my favorite moment happened Friday night:  Floating on an inner tube in the pond and watching the stars above was a magical moment I won’t soon forget! “ 

Frog Meadow Gay Summer Camp

Summer Yoga down by the swimming pond!


Guest Reviews

“The Brook Cottage allowed me to escape the city completely”

Once again, The Brook Cottage allowed me to escape the city, completely. The panoramic view from the Cottage is beyond compare, especially in the winter when you can see the mountaintops through the trees. The night-time gatherings around the fireplace made me feel totally at home and the other guests were a lot of fun! You guys are surely the best hosts. Thanks again for another fantastic stay!  xxxooo

Esteban N, West Palm Beach FL
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