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Revived, Renewed and Definitely Refreshed!

This was my sixth consecutive visit to Frog Meadow Farm (FMF). I had thought I'd take a break this year and try a different B&B or venue, however the siren call of FMF beckoned me back! This visit I was entranced by the pastoral visuals and sounds which I experienced: A doe nursing a newborn fawn; honeybees collecting nectar; chipmunks playfully scurrying in the garden; and the syncopated rhythm of frogs croaking in the distance. And yet its always the astute and accommodating innkeepers, Dave and Scott coupled with their impeccable B&B and well manicured gardens that are the main draw! All the guests this time around were returnees and it was like a gathering of old friends where each person was given special treatment and attention. Scott and Dave are the consummate innkeepers. They run a tight and efficient ship, the grounds, guest rooms and facilities are impeccably maintained. The breakfast is delicious, hot and filling and the hospitality couldn't be better. Honolulu, Puerto Vallarta, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Fort Lauderdale and Provincetown are all tempting alternatives for my summer retreat, however 2015 will once again bring me back to Newfane Vermont to be "revived," "renewed," and "refreshed" at Frog Meadow Farm!
Stan the Man, Orchard Hill, Georgia
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