“30 Days of Pleasure” will charge and transform your life with powerful, juicy and totally hot experiences of toe-curling pleasure!

We are pleased to share that longtime Frog Meadow guest and YouTube personality Davey Wavey* was recently on-site to film his newest series “30 Days of Pleasure”! With nearly 300 million views in over 160 countries Davey has made a name for himself, sharing his and others’ coming  out stories, starring in – and producing his own series of men’s fitness videos. Now – working with an experienced team of pleasure coaches – he has recently entered the gay men’s sexuality space….we’re pleased and proud to bring him to you!

You’ll be guided through the daily pleasure experiences with explicit, fully-nude demonstrations!

*Davey Wavey uses his platform to spread a message of love, acceptance and the occasional penis joke, Davey has become one of the leading online voices for the gay and lesbian community. Famous for his authentic and often irreverent approach, some of Davey’s 800+ videos include Seniors Give Gay Advice, Surprising A Gay Texas Mormon and Dad Bikes 545 Miles For Gay Son.

“30 Days of Pleasure” is a program for men of all ages with one goal in mind: to charge and transform your life with powerful, juicy and totally hot experiences of pleasure. Each day, for thirty days, you’ll receive an email with a daily pleasure experience to do at home. Each pleasure experience taps into a different aspect of sexual pleasure, and is specifically crafted by his team of experienced pleasure coaches!

So what does 30 Days Of Pleasure include?

Each day, for thirty days, you get an email in your inbox with a detailed pleasure experience for you to do at home. Each pleasure experience is inspired by one of  Davey Wavey’s pleasure coaches and takes the form of a video, an audio guide or written text.

Included in the thirty daily emails, you’ll receive:

  • Ten Videos—Directed by award-winning director Travis Matthews and featuring Calvin Banks and Derek Maxum, these videos will do more than just get you hard. They’ll also guide you through the daily pleasure experiences through explicit, fully-nude demonstrations filmed entirely at Frog Meadow Oasis for Men in Southern Vermont. You’ll continue to have access to these streaming videos (no download required!) even after the program ends. By the way, they’re really, really hot! Videos include “Buttplay Bliss”, “Blinded Cock Play”, “Jack Off Magic” and more!
  • Ten Audio Guides—Professionally recorded and edited, Davey Wavey narrates ten of your daily pleasure experiences. You can stream these guides on your phone, computer, tablet or mobile device. And you’ll be able to listen, even after the thirty days are up! Audios include “Man in the Mirror”, “Rosebud Relaxer”, “Wild Man” and more!
  • Ten Written Experiences—In addition to the video and audio, you’ll also receive ten written, detailed pleasure experiences to do at home. With easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, you’ll be able to follow along with ease. Written experiences include “My Video Lover”, “Hot Little Secret in My Pants”, “Dance In Your Own Power” and more!

In summary, you’ll receive ten cock-hardening videos, ten gorgeous audios and ten written pleasure experiences to try at home. That’s a total of thirty, specifically-designed pleasure experiences over the course of this 30 day program.

Davey collaborated with three pleasure coaches on 30 Days of Pleasure. These are the men who created each of the daily pleasure experiences that you’ll be receiving in your inbox.

Brad-Leaf AmberheartBrad-Leaf Amberheart

Brad is a sacred intimate, ceremonial leader, and tantric sex coach who teaches individuals, couples, and groups how to heal their lives and the world from the inside-out using fully-embodied, sexually ecstatic pleasure. He has worked with thousands of people worldwide since 1997 to re-awaken pleasure as a source of clarity, vision, and health.

jojoJoJo DeRodrigo

JoJo DeRodrigo is a Somatic Sex Coach who uses Sexological Bodywork as a tool to assist people to get embodied. He facilitates workshops that incorporate movement, touch and breath. JoJo is a trained Hypnotherapist and loves to incorporate hypnosis, guided imagery and NLP for learning about sexual discovery.

andresAndrés Cordero

Andrés is a guide to peaceful living and a teacher of living in the present moment. He is an embodiment coach, sex educator, and sacred intimate. His goal is to help people disengage from their mind and learn more about the power of healing in your body. He is trained in tantra, massage, intimacy, BDSM, sacred sexuality, spirituality, energy healing and life coaching.

Needless to say, the team of pleasure coaches on “30 Days of Pleasure” is second to none. They’re wise, experienced and eager to take you on this journey of pleasure and self discovery.

According to Davey Wavey: “It’s like getting your PhD in gay sex and pleasure”!

Pleasure is powerful. And here are three reasons why.

  1. First, pleasure has a tremendous ability to heal. As gay men, we’re part of a community that needs healing. Collectively, we have been through a lot. We’ve been told we are less than, discriminated against and told that our sex is unholy and wrong. In a very real way, all of us can benefit from the healing potential of pleasure.
  2. Second, pleasure is a driver of creativity and fun. Pleasure gets your juices flowing. Literally. When you’re engaged in pleasure, your body and soul are fueled with zest and zeal. You have a passion for living, and have so much to give the world around you.
  3. Third, pleasure just feels good. Think about the last time you gave yourself the gift of unbridled pleasure. Think about what that felt like. Think about what it tasted like. What it looked like. How it smelled. How it sounded. Bring yourself back to that place of bliss and euphoria. Don’t you want more?

Imagine how your sensuality – and your life in general – will be transformed by participating in 30 Days of Pleasure.

All footage shot at Frog Meadow!

Check out the Behind the Scenes of the shooting of  “30 Days of Pleasure”!

Here’s why this program is so special:

  1. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, imagine the benefits of experiencing a different aspect of sexual pleasure for an entire month!

    You’ll have thirty pleasure experiences in thirty days. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, imagine the benefits of experiencing a different aspect of sexual pleasure for an entire month! Thirty days is the perfect amount of time to fully experience the benefits of trying something new.

  2. It’s great for all levels. Whether all of this is new or you’re a seasoned tantric guru, 30 Days of Pleasure will benefit everyone.
  3. It’s designed by experts. We worked with a team of three highly experienced and respected pleasure coaches to craft this program specifically for you. It is build on their wisdom, from the ground up.
  4. It’s naked. Did we mention that the ten videos included in this program are fully nude? Well, they are. And you’re going to love it.
  5. There’s nothing else to buy. With this program, there are no special toys or extra add-ons to buy. It’s fully inclusive.
  6. You don’t need a partner. Because not everyone has access to a partner or fuck buddy, we designed this as a solo program. It’s about getting in touch with your own pleasure. However, many of the exercises can be modified to use with a partner or partners.
  7. It’s HOT. Will you learn a lot through this program? Of course! But when it comes to hotness, we didn’t cut any corners. This program is overflowing in sexy, wonderful, fully nude hotness.

Here’s what else you’ll learn in 30 Days of Pleasure:

  • The video segments – all shot at Frog Meadow – are overflowing with sexy, fully nude hotness!

    How to experience anal pleasure without penetration

  • A technique for expanding your ejaculations
  • How to enhance your senses
  • Ways to boost your sexual energy (that don’t involve taking pills!)
  • How you can use nature to connect with your body
  • How to fulfill your erotic desires
  • How to discover your body’s pleasure centers
  • Techniques to increase sensuality and wake up your body
  • A method for creating sexual energy in the pelvis to fuel erotic desire
  • Ways to experience porn with increased pleasure
  • How to become more comfortable with yourself and explore vulnerability
  • How to connect with your body through touch and self-care

Learn more from the men on-camera during “30 Days of Pleasure”, Calvin Banks, Davey Wavey, and Derek Maxum!

If you’re serious about discovering and exploring your body’s pleasure, then 30 Days of Pleasure is the program for you!

To recap, you’re getting thirty pleasure experiences over the course of thirty days – including ten videos, ten audio guides and ten written exercises. Moreover, you’re leaning on the wisdom of three highly experienced pleasure coaches – and getting everything as part of a fully-nude, all-inclusive program.

Creating this program would cost literally thousands of dollars. But you’re getting everything for just $69. That’s right. For less than the cost of a coffee per day, you’re getting thirty full days of euphoric pleasure!

As a friend of Frog Meadow, you’ll get 25% off when you use the discount code “frogmeadow“, so you’ll pay $51.75, or only 1.73 per day!

Click here to order Davey Wavey’s 30 Days of Pleasure!

(and be sure to use the discount code “frogmeadow” to save 25%!)

Davey Wavey wants us to mention that…

  • You’re Safeguarded by Davey Wavey’s “30-Day, NO RISK GUARANTEE!” That’s right, you’ll get 100% of your money back. Davey Wavey’s programs have worked for thousands of people and they’ll work for you too. Depending on your situation, you may not become a tantric guru within 30 days, but he guarantees that you will feel and experience real results. If you don’t, you’ll get 100% of your money back. No questions asked.
  • This is a downloadable program that includes downloadable audios and videos. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. After ordering, you will immediately receive the first email. Each subsequent email will arrive each day thereafter. You won’t find 30 Days of Pleasure in stores; it’s only available through Davey Wavey’s website and here.

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Top notch even if only for a night!

I was in Vermont on business and decided to stay a night and head out the next day.


These guys are on top of their game. The presentation of every detail was elegant and well thought out.

Hats off boys….we will be back!

Anthony V., Rochester, New York
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